The Linkup: July 11th

7 Summits of Bozeman


Tonight at 7pm at Northern Lights! Chris Bangs with Human-Powered Mountaineers will be presenting in multimedia his attempt to scale the highest peaks in all seven mountain ranges surrounding Bozeman.

Chris attempted to climb and then ski Sacajawea Peak in the Bridgers, Crazy Peak, Electric Peak in the Gallatin Mountains, Granite Peak, Mount Cowen in the Absaroka Mountains, Hilgard Peak in the Madison Range, and Hollowtop Mountain in the Tobacco Root Mountains without the use of motorized transportation to and from his home in Bozeman. He also ate a vegan diet while biking, climbing and skiing, proving that with nothing more than veggie and human power you can accomplish amazing things.

The event is free and is co-sponsored by the American Alpine Club of Montana. A raffle, door prizes and more await you at Northern Lights. Any proceeds of the event will fund Human-Powered Mountaineers and Chris's advocacy for Bike to Farm programs.

For more info visit the HPM Facebook page.

The Dangers of Gear Modification

Are you a tweaker? Not happy with the number of belay loops on your harness? Do you like to use a hammer and a drill press to "improve" your outdoor gear? Read this before you start making gear modifications that might affect the way that piece of gear is supposed to function. If you think a sling is a sling is a sling, then this edition of the Black Diamond QC Lab is for you.

If you enjoy those "what if" scenarios or just like looking at pictures of gear ripped apart by crazy looking machines, you'll love this regular blog by the quality control folks at Black Diamond. Enjoy!

Fantasy Falls

Check in with pro kayakers Evan Garcia and Fred Norquist as they rip down the biggest, tightest lines in the world. In this edition they tackle some off the grid fun at Fantasy Falls. This is BIG water and TIGHT lines. The goal: NO PORTAGES. See if they pulled it off in this insane video from Substantial TV.

Fantasy Falls 2013 - Substantial TV from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.