The Linkup: March 21st

Wild and Scenic-East Rosebud Canyon

East Rosebud Creek is one of the 1% of rivers in Montana that are eligible for Wild and Scenic Designation.  This video is brought to you by Friends of East Rosebud who are petitioning to get the creek protected from a possible hydroelectric project.

#Backcountry Ski Problems

While no one wants to admit it, chances are you or someone you know has forgotten their skins.  This can mean missing out on a perfectly good spring ski day as you see the ideal corn conditions melt away as you drive back to town. Read this article about how to MacGyver your way up the mountain...

Skin Care for Climbers

Skin care is one of those small things that can mean the difference between sending your project and sitting by watching your friends crush it.  Read this blog post by Paige Classen about how to heal faster and push harder...

Creating the All-Terrain Human

Killian Jornet is one of those athletes that is just a step above everyone else.  An endurance athlete that competes in ultra-marathons, ski-mountaineering races, and breaks speed records all over the world.  Check out this New York Times article for a look at Killian's training and newest project.

  A Sobering look at Submersion Times

There isn't much that is scarier than being trapped underwater.  This article takes a hard look at the data of drownings and tells it how it is.  Read more here...

Hyalite Canyon plowing ends March 31st.

March 31st is the last day Hyalite Canyon Road is open for the winter season.  Get out and enjoy the last chance ice climbing, backcountry skiing, and ice fishing while you can.  The road will stay open to bikes and foot traffic; which is a great way to see Hyalite without the cars.  Also there is an informal grill out at G1 on March 31st.  See you there!

Werner Paddle Review

Whether you are paddling Class V whitewater or out enjoying a flatwater tour, a great paddle can make all the difference.  Richie Bekolay is a kayak fisherman who fully endorses Werner paddles.  Check out his writeup here...
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The Linkup:March 14th

Sun, warm weather, soft snow, and awesome outfits; for many people spring skiing is what it is all about.  Video from Big Sky Resort.

Bozeman Climbing Team

The Bozeman-Magpie writes about the Bozeman Climbing Team, from its inception in 1995 to today the Bozeman Climbing Team has been getting youth outdoors through rock climbing and competing on competitions across the Northwest.  Read more about it here...

Paddling out the Winter in Mexico

Substantial TV is out with their next episode, this time south of the Border in Mexico.  While we have fun crushing ice and slashing powder, these guys headed down to Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico to drop waterfalls and paddle whitewater.  Paddling season is right around the corner and 

Uphill Travel at Ski Resorts Gains Traction

Alpine Touring Equipment has been the biggest area of growth in the ski industry.  While there are more people then ever skiing the backcountry, ski resorts are responding to this by allowing uphill travel in-bounds.  By setting up a skin track many people are enjoying the relative comforts of a ski resort while touring. Check it out...

  Climb the Nose in a Day,

Some days you wake up feeling old, your joints hurt, your back is tight, and you feel the aches and pains from a day of skiing, paddling, or climbing.  The next time you feel old think of these guys, Jim Donini, 69, and George Lowe, 68, are planning on climbing the Nose in a day.  While these two are legends of climbing they are still out there climbing hard.  Read more here...

Channel that inner Dirtbag

Big Sky-March 16th.  While some people think every day is dirtbag day, those classy folks up in Big Sky devote one day to celebrate this phenomenon.  Break out the one piece suits or denim jackets, pull out your mullet wig, and ponder the most effective way to show off some ridiculous facial hair.  More info...

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The Linkup:March 7th

Spring Skiing

Sun, warm weather, soft snow; for many people spring skiing is what it is all about.  Video from Big Sky Resort.

Spring Skiing-Middle Basin

Spring is starting and while the resorts are skiing as great as ever it is an excellent time of year to head out into the backcountry.  Middle Basin is definitely not a secret but check out this write-up from our blog last year. 

Trad Mixed Lines

"Rarely have mixed climbing standards been pushed so far in a single winter. In Wyoming and Washington, Switzerland, Norway and Scotland, climbers are torquing their way up rock faces to thin ribbons of ice—or lack thereof—and they're doing it without bolts. This has been the year of hard mixed trad climbing" Continue the article here...

Time to Replace Climbing Gear?

Mike Doyle's climb was going great until he took a big lead fall on a fixed draw, the sling broke, and he stopped 5 feet short of the deck, plummeting a total of 60 feet.  Read more about it here...

  Snowshoe Shuffle March 9th Moonlight Basin

Heart of the Valley Snowshoe Shuffle is this Saturday.  Head to Moonlight Basin and show your support for Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. Snowshoes provided by Northern Lights! 
More information here...

Tips-Making a POV Movie

Outside Magazine has an article with a few tips on how to make your videos better.  Follow the link and start making awesome videos today! The first step is to get a GoPro!

  Boating Season is around the Corner!

Follow the link for a Q&A with Simon Westgarth, one of Europe's best paddlers who gives us some advice on learning to kayak and reading rivers.  There are also videos at the bottom of the article worth watching.

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