The Linkup, December 13

Spire Winter Break Climbing Camps

Not sure how to keep your kids occupied over winter break?  Take them down to Spire, where over 8,000 square feet of roped walls and bouldering problems await them.  The crew at Spire will have them in shape and inspired to become lifelong climbers.  Courses are available for kids aged 5 to 16.  They'll learn the basics of climbing such as knot tying, belaying, rappelling, climbing etiquette, and climbing technique.  These classes are a perfect way to teach your kids strength, confidence, trust, and teamwork all in a supportive atmosphere surrounded by competent instructors.  And it's a blast.  They'll be begging to get outside to climb come spring.  Sure beats video games on the couch.  And it's not just for the kids; Spire has classes for all ages, including their awesome Women's Clinics.  Check out their website for class details and camp descriptions. 

Livingston Teen Tearing up Climbing Comps

Sixteen year old Park County High sophomore and  Bozeman Climbing Team member Frances Taylor has recently made the jump into the adult competitve ranks and is making some noise on the local circuit.  Read the full story over at the Livingston Enterprise

Skyrunning Comes to the U.S.

The International Skyrunning Federation has announced a new U.S. series of Ultra, Sky, and Vertical K races in the states for the first time in over ten years.  The biggest news for us is the inclusion of The Rut 50K, 12K, and Vertical K races as the series finale.  Montana ultrarunners Mike Foote and Mike Wolfe debuted the Rut last year and instantly put it on the radar of serious mountain runners.  With it's inclusion in the Skyrunning Series, look for it attract top runners from both the states and Europe.  Skyrunning has stormed the European scene, and is primed to return to America.  Read all about this and any other trail and ultra news over at I Run Far

Winter in Paradise Valley

While Bozeman is one of the great winter sports epicenters in the country, sometimes it can be difficult to find winter solitude close to town.  Looking for a quiet getaway?  Head over the hill to Paradise Valley, where winter crowds are virtually nonexistent.   For cross country skiers and snowshoers the options are endless.  Close to Livingston you can find yourself alone just about anytime on the Suce Creek, Big Creek, or Mill Creek trail systems.  On the latter, the only trail traffic will likely be sled dog teams operating out of nearby Chico Hot Springs.  Speaking of Chico, you'll want to end the day with a soak there no matter where you go.  For groomed tracks in a wildlife haven, head further south to the B-Bar Ranch, where 30 km of groomed trails await you.  Located in the remote reaches of Tom Miner Basin, this area is a sanctuary for elk, moose, wolves, bighorn sheep, and more.  For backcountry enthusiasts, the Absarokas provide challenging climbs and untracked powder on Elephanthead, Black Mountain, Mount Cowan, and Emigrant Peak.  The long approaches are more than worth the 3-5K descents you'll likely have all to yourself.   Ice climbers can get their fix on a lifetimes worth of routes in the Pine Creek drainage, which range from easy access climbs like Pine Creek Falls to deep wilderness adventures further up the South Fork.  Pick up Winter Dance by Joe Josephson for detailed route descriptions.  Think Hyalite has all the good ice?  Check this out.

Green Gulley (WI4/WI3 ), Pine Creek Montana from Ty Morrison-Heath on Vimeo.

The Linkup December, 6

A primer for winter camping, some tips for winter running,  and a teaser video for the season opener at Bridger.  Here's this weeks Linkup.

Winter camping tips from Outdoor Research

Our friends at Outdoor Research have published a list of 10 essential winter camping tips, compiled by OR athlete Lilla Molnar.  An IFMGA certified mountain guide, Molnar knows a few things about toughing it out in less than stellar conditions.  And she's Canadian, so she knows cold.  If you haven't tried it, there's nothing quite like a winter night out under the stars.  Even the most crowded summer locales are a snow covered fortress of solitude when the mercury drops.  Gear up and pack a flask.  Find the list here.

Winter Running - You'll freeze your lungs!!

Or maybe not, according to research performed by Runner's World editor Amby Burfoot.  Just about any runner who's ventured out in temperatures below freezing has probably heard this one.  (It's the winter version of "you'll ruin your knees").   Turns out running in winter isn't any more dangerous than running in summer, if you make a few seasonal adjustments. Here's some tips for extending your training through the frigid months.

  • Motivate:  Think it's tough to stick to a running plan?  It's even harder when it's dark at 4:30 and -20.  This is the biggest obstacle to overcome in winter running.  Running with a partner helps, as does joining a local running club.  Big Sky Wind Drinkers put on weekly runs and races throughout the winter.
  • Clothing:  Layer up and be prepared to strip off layers as you warm up.  If temps dip below zero, make sure no skin is exposed, and wear a scarf or balaclava to cover your mouth and nose.  While your lungs won't freeze, cold, dry air can trigger exercise induced asthma.  
  • Visibility:  If you're going to run on streets or bike paths, make sure you're visible by using lights and reflective clothing.  Not only is it darker this time of year, drivers will not be expecting a runner on the side of the road.  
  • Traction:  There are many ways to improve traction for winter running shoes.  Commercial products such as Yaktrax and Microspikes work well under most conditions, though longevity can be an issue if your route occasionally crosses pavement.  All weather running shoes such as the La Sportiva Crossover GTX provide good protection and traction for moderate conditions.  For ice and packed snow, simple screws can provided a cheap and effective DIY solution. Here's how it's done.

Bridger Bowl Opening Day!

In honor of opening day up at Bridger today, here's a highlight reel to get you stoked for another great season of Cold Smoke.  Bundle up, it's going to be a cold one. 

The Linkup November 29

The season is upon us. Ski season that is. Big Sky, now the largest resort in the United States post merger, is open for business. Bridger Bowl follows on Dec. 6th. And don't forget Bohart. It's been hit or miss so far up there, but this weeks weather system should have them up and running for another amazing nordic season. Our staff has been hitting it hard up in Hyalite and report ever improving conditions, just in time for Ice Fest.  This weeks Linkup brings you fire and ice, with a generous helping of snow (safety). 

The Beer Can Stove

Two things I am pretty much guaranteed to have close at hand.  A knife and an empty beer can.  Throw in a little fuel and you've got the easiest lightweight stove we've come across.  Because nothing finishes off an epic powder day like a cold beer and some warm chili.

How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You'll Ever Need from Tom Allen on Vimeo.

Ice Climbing in Hyalite Canyon 

With Ice Fest 2013 a mere two weeks away, here's Pete Tapley getting it done on The Scepter to get you stoked.  This year's Ice Fest gets underway on Dec. 11th and runs through the weekend, with activities both in town and down in Hyalite.  Get the details here.  While you're waiting check out the Friends of Hyalite website, and help out the folks that make this all possible. 




Be Prepared

You may have noticed a recurring theme in our social media posts lately.  A lot of them have to do with avalanche safety.  And no, it's not so we can sell you more gadgets.  It's because avalanches pose a serious risk to backcountry users, and we want to make sure every one who walks through our door lives to come back again.  Yes we sell avalanche safety equipment, and we take it seriously.  These are life saving devices, and we refuse to stock anything we're not completely confident in.  It's the one thing we sell that we hope you never use (except for practice, which you should do religiously).  Come in on Dec. 2nd and check out the avalanche awareness seminar put on by the Gallation NF Avalanche Center.  Learn from the best in the field why we keep bringing up.  It could be the best hour you spend this winter.  Details for the event are here, and find out about advanced avalanche safety classes from the GNFAC here


The Linkup: November 14

While this recent warm spell has put a damper on an early start to actual skiing, it's done nothing to hold back ski film season.  Seems everywhere you look around town, there's yet another ski film premier.  And while we can't get enough of them, have you ever stopped to think about how these films effect the broader world of skiing? Today we bring you both a killer trailer and a blog post about how the proliferation of these  films might affect the greater ski community.  And to close it out, a quick reminder that our favorite holiday is right around the corner.  That's right, Ice Fest is coming soon. 

Way of Life, a film by Teton Gravity Research

For some it's a hobby, something to do on the weekends.  For others (a good portion of our local population), it's something more.  Snow defines their being.  They will go anywhere and sacrifice anything in pursuit of the perfect line.  This is their film.

Are ski movies killing skiing?

 Here's an interesting perspective on the proliferation of ski movies from the badass blog Bedrock and Paradox.  Occasionally controversial, never boring.  No watered down posts here, just the straight sh!# from a Montana outdoorsman. Written in the true spirit of Cactus Ed, this has been on my list of favorite blogs for some time.  Read more about "the continued immolation of the spectacular" here


Ice Fest is Back!!!

December 11-15, 2013

Back again for 2013, and this year is looking like the biggest ice fest yet.  This year's event is highlighted by the U.I.A.A. Open North American Ice Climbing Championships, hosted by Conrad Anker.  Saturday is the Lead Difficulty Competition, while Sunday brings the exciting Speed Climbing Championship.  A massive, three story climbing structure will be erected outside the Emerson for the events.  Serving as the event's "Urban Base Camp", this area will also feature food, family entertainment, and in-town clinics.  The highlight of the event is always the on-ice clinics for all levels in Hyalite.  There are still a few slots available, check them out and read more about the festival here.

Arc'teryx Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival - December 11-15, 2013 from Bozeman Ice Festival on Vimeo.

Northern Lights is once again a sponsor of the festival, and we have everything you need to get you on the ice.  Boots, clothing, gloves, and Southwestern Montana's best selection of ice climbing gear from the best in the business.  

The Linkup: October 10

Got the Shutdown blues?  Not to worry.  Even though the government can't seem to get it together, we'll always be here for your gear fix.  Not that there's a shortage of places for us get after it, but we have to feel for the gateway communities out there who are feeling the real pain of the shutdown.  Get out there and support them anyway you can.  But, safety always comes first, so here we go.....

Wild Country Voluntary Recall

Wild Country Wild Rocks & Anodised Rocks

Wild Country has issued a volunteer
recall of certain batches of Wild Rocks and Anodised Rocks.

If you own any Wild Country Classic Rocks and/or Anodised Rocks that were purchased any time from January 2010 onwards please read the PDF notices carefully and follow the instructions “How to Identify the Product”, so that you can ascertain whether your product is from one of the affected batches.

PDF#1 - Voluntary Recall Notice - Wild Country Classic Rocks and Anodised rocks - Issued 07/10/2013

PDF #2 - Frequently Asked Questions about the Recall of Classic Rocks and Anodised Rocks - Issued 07/10/2013

Reel Rock 8 at the Ellen Theater 

The Reel Rock 8 Film Festival returns on Wednesday, October 16 at 7:30 PM.  This ever popular festival sells out every year, so head here to get your tickets while they last.  Northern Lights is sponsoring the festival again this year, with all proceeds going to Touch the Sky youth climbing programs. 

Check out the trailer for this year's films:



15th Annual PowderBlast 

A benefit for the Friends of the GNF Avalanche Center


The EmersonFriday, October 25 brings the 15th Annual Powder Blast to the Emerson.  Although the Avalanche Center is closed due to the shutdown, you can still help out the Friends of the Avalanche center.

All proceeds benefit the Friends of the Avalanche Center which supports avalanche awareness, education and information throughout southwest Montana.

Your $30 donation gets you an unforgettable evening at the Emerson Cultural Center.  Get your tickets here.

Beer and Wine from Lone Peak Brewery
Asian dinner by Bountiful Table
Music by the Holler N' Pine

And the best silent auction of outdoor gear in the valley!

The Linkup: July 11th

7 Summits of Bozeman


Tonight at 7pm at Northern Lights! Chris Bangs with Human-Powered Mountaineers will be presenting in multimedia his attempt to scale the highest peaks in all seven mountain ranges surrounding Bozeman.

Chris attempted to climb and then ski Sacajawea Peak in the Bridgers, Crazy Peak, Electric Peak in the Gallatin Mountains, Granite Peak, Mount Cowen in the Absaroka Mountains, Hilgard Peak in the Madison Range, and Hollowtop Mountain in the Tobacco Root Mountains without the use of motorized transportation to and from his home in Bozeman. He also ate a vegan diet while biking, climbing and skiing, proving that with nothing more than veggie and human power you can accomplish amazing things.

The event is free and is co-sponsored by the American Alpine Club of Montana. A raffle, door prizes and more await you at Northern Lights. Any proceeds of the event will fund Human-Powered Mountaineers and Chris's advocacy for Bike to Farm programs.

For more info visit the HPM Facebook page.

The Dangers of Gear Modification

Are you a tweaker? Not happy with the number of belay loops on your harness? Do you like to use a hammer and a drill press to "improve" your outdoor gear? Read this before you start making gear modifications that might affect the way that piece of gear is supposed to function. If you think a sling is a sling is a sling, then this edition of the Black Diamond QC Lab is for you.

If you enjoy those "what if" scenarios or just like looking at pictures of gear ripped apart by crazy looking machines, you'll love this regular blog by the quality control folks at Black Diamond. Enjoy!

Fantasy Falls

Check in with pro kayakers Evan Garcia and Fred Norquist as they rip down the biggest, tightest lines in the world. In this edition they tackle some off the grid fun at Fantasy Falls. This is BIG water and TIGHT lines. The goal: NO PORTAGES. See if they pulled it off in this insane video from Substantial TV.

Fantasy Falls 2013 - Substantial TV from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

The Linkup: June 13th

With all this talk of domestic spying, phone records and internet shenanigans, it's good to know there are places you can go to unplug from the NSA. They just so happen to involve amazing views and endless opportunities for adventure! Here are a few places to escape this summer if you can bear to part with your WiFi connection:

The Lee Metcalf Wilderness

If you live in Bozeman you've no doubt spent time in one of the four units that make up the LMW.  This summer marks the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, and Lee is celebrating! Visit the Summer of Lee website and find out how you can participate. The goal is to raise awareness of and participation in Wilderness issues.

The Lee Metcalf Wilderness encompases 259,000 acres, has 28 trailheads, 300 miles of trails and over 70 alpine lakes. You can hike, trail run, raft, kayak, canoe, fish, ski, swim, camp and more.

Get out and enjoy your public lands, but also take a moment to appreciate what we often take for granted - that 30 years ago some people fought hard to protect part of what makes Montana and the West such a beautiful, inspiring place in which to live. 

Beartooth Highway


Seriously? A highway? I thought the point of getting away from it all was to get off the beaten path. Well, the Beartooth Highway lets you do just that. Jump on the highway and cruise through some of the most beautiful terrain in the country. Then park, jump out and start hiking into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness (in some cases just steps from your car). 

There are unlimited opportunities for recreation, including skiing well into the summer. One of our favorite activities at the shop is to make laps on some of the classic Beartooth lines like the Gardiner Headwall and Hourglass Chutes. Park at the top, hike to the headwall and ski nearly 1,500 vertical feet of corn (if the weather cooperates). Then hitch back up. 

You can find weather information, closures and other info at Friendly Tip: hitching a ride on a Harley is pretty cool, except when you're carrying skis!

Gardiner Headwall from Brian Reavis on Vimeo.

Float the Boulder River

Ian Garcia, Natural Bridge plummet.
Depending on what you're looking for, the Boulder can either be a leisurely float trip or an intense whitewater experience. If you're looking for fish, try the portion of the river below Natural Bridge Falls. If you're out for an adrenaline rush, look no further than the portion between Hells Canyon and Falls Creek Campgrounds. The water there is continuous Class II - IV, ending in a plunge over the Natural Bridge. Of course, you'll want to take out before the falls, unless you're crazy, like Ian Garcia (see the photo to the right).

If water isn't your thing, Natural Bridge has an amazing number of climbing routes, including some of the most difficult climbs in Montana. It's also worth going just to see the falls, both at high and lower water, as the falls change dramatically as the water upstream disappears underground and shoots out of the lower rock formation.

Here's a good place to start if you've never been there: Visit


2013 Boat Swap at The Barn

Well, if NOAA is right, this may be the first Boat Swap in a looooong time where you won't need a dry suit just to shop the swap.

The 2013 Boat Swap is Saturday, May 4th this year and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day! 

Drop your boating product off from 7:30 - 9am on Saturday and shop from 9am - 4pm the same day.

This is the biggest boat swap in the region, with hundreds of kayaks, canoes, rafts, paddles, oars, boat clothing and accessories at swap prices.

Drop fees are $3 for items priced under $100 and $5 for items over $100. The Boat Swap takes a 5% commission for any sales over $100 and we use that money to fund river conservation projects in the region. Any abandoned equipment will be donated to Eagle Mount in Bozeman.

If you'd like more information please call The Barn at 586-6029.


Bozeman Sport Climbing Movie-Full Movie

After a successful movie premiere on March 29th the full video is now available on Vimeo!  Kris Zigich put on an amazing climbing movie premier at the shop and the place was packed! Northern Lights, in conjunction with Heeb's East Main Grocery and Bozone Brewery sponsored the event. Northern Lights donated the gear to pull together the raffle, which included Grigris, climbing ropes, packs, quickdraws and a ton of other outdoor gear. Heebs and Bozone donated the beer.

"It was an amazing turnout," said Brandon Smith, climbing buyer for Northern Lights. "Everyone’s been anxious to see what Kris has been up to for the last few months. He put together a fantastic film that has everyone psyched for the upcoming climbing season. We couldn’t have asked for a more successful evening!"

The Premiere benefited Southwest Montana Climbers Coalition and raised over $800 in one night! Read more about SMCC and become a member on their website-

The Linkup: March 21st

Wild and Scenic-East Rosebud Canyon

East Rosebud Creek is one of the 1% of rivers in Montana that are eligible for Wild and Scenic Designation.  This video is brought to you by Friends of East Rosebud who are petitioning to get the creek protected from a possible hydroelectric project.

#Backcountry Ski Problems

While no one wants to admit it, chances are you or someone you know has forgotten their skins.  This can mean missing out on a perfectly good spring ski day as you see the ideal corn conditions melt away as you drive back to town. Read this article about how to MacGyver your way up the mountain...

Skin Care for Climbers

Skin care is one of those small things that can mean the difference between sending your project and sitting by watching your friends crush it.  Read this blog post by Paige Classen about how to heal faster and push harder...

Creating the All-Terrain Human

Killian Jornet is one of those athletes that is just a step above everyone else.  An endurance athlete that competes in ultra-marathons, ski-mountaineering races, and breaks speed records all over the world.  Check out this New York Times article for a look at Killian's training and newest project.

  A Sobering look at Submersion Times

There isn't much that is scarier than being trapped underwater.  This article takes a hard look at the data of drownings and tells it how it is.  Read more here...

Hyalite Canyon plowing ends March 31st.

March 31st is the last day Hyalite Canyon Road is open for the winter season.  Get out and enjoy the last chance ice climbing, backcountry skiing, and ice fishing while you can.  The road will stay open to bikes and foot traffic; which is a great way to see Hyalite without the cars.  Also there is an informal grill out at G1 on March 31st.  See you there!

Werner Paddle Review

Whether you are paddling Class V whitewater or out enjoying a flatwater tour, a great paddle can make all the difference.  Richie Bekolay is a kayak fisherman who fully endorses Werner paddles.  Check out his writeup here...
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The Linkup:March 14th

Sun, warm weather, soft snow, and awesome outfits; for many people spring skiing is what it is all about.  Video from Big Sky Resort.

Bozeman Climbing Team

The Bozeman-Magpie writes about the Bozeman Climbing Team, from its inception in 1995 to today the Bozeman Climbing Team has been getting youth outdoors through rock climbing and competing on competitions across the Northwest.  Read more about it here...

Paddling out the Winter in Mexico

Substantial TV is out with their next episode, this time south of the Border in Mexico.  While we have fun crushing ice and slashing powder, these guys headed down to Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico to drop waterfalls and paddle whitewater.  Paddling season is right around the corner and 

Uphill Travel at Ski Resorts Gains Traction

Alpine Touring Equipment has been the biggest area of growth in the ski industry.  While there are more people then ever skiing the backcountry, ski resorts are responding to this by allowing uphill travel in-bounds.  By setting up a skin track many people are enjoying the relative comforts of a ski resort while touring. Check it out...

  Climb the Nose in a Day,

Some days you wake up feeling old, your joints hurt, your back is tight, and you feel the aches and pains from a day of skiing, paddling, or climbing.  The next time you feel old think of these guys, Jim Donini, 69, and George Lowe, 68, are planning on climbing the Nose in a day.  While these two are legends of climbing they are still out there climbing hard.  Read more here...

Channel that inner Dirtbag

Big Sky-March 16th.  While some people think every day is dirtbag day, those classy folks up in Big Sky devote one day to celebrate this phenomenon.  Break out the one piece suits or denim jackets, pull out your mullet wig, and ponder the most effective way to show off some ridiculous facial hair.  More info...

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The Linkup:March 7th

Spring Skiing

Sun, warm weather, soft snow; for many people spring skiing is what it is all about.  Video from Big Sky Resort.

Spring Skiing-Middle Basin

Spring is starting and while the resorts are skiing as great as ever it is an excellent time of year to head out into the backcountry.  Middle Basin is definitely not a secret but check out this write-up from our blog last year. 

Trad Mixed Lines

"Rarely have mixed climbing standards been pushed so far in a single winter. In Wyoming and Washington, Switzerland, Norway and Scotland, climbers are torquing their way up rock faces to thin ribbons of ice—or lack thereof—and they're doing it without bolts. This has been the year of hard mixed trad climbing" Continue the article here...

Time to Replace Climbing Gear?

Mike Doyle's climb was going great until he took a big lead fall on a fixed draw, the sling broke, and he stopped 5 feet short of the deck, plummeting a total of 60 feet.  Read more about it here...

  Snowshoe Shuffle March 9th Moonlight Basin

Heart of the Valley Snowshoe Shuffle is this Saturday.  Head to Moonlight Basin and show your support for Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. Snowshoes provided by Northern Lights! 
More information here...

Tips-Making a POV Movie

Outside Magazine has an article with a few tips on how to make your videos better.  Follow the link and start making awesome videos today! The first step is to get a GoPro!

  Boating Season is around the Corner!

Follow the link for a Q&A with Simon Westgarth, one of Europe's best paddlers who gives us some advice on learning to kayak and reading rivers.  There are also videos at the bottom of the article worth watching.

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The Linkup:Feb 28th

Green Gulley

Hyalite is spectacular but sometimes you need to go explore the other classics. This is a video from climbing Green Gulley, one of the gems of Southwest Montana located in Pine Creek. For more beta get a copy of Winter Dance.

Pinhead Classic-Saturday, March 2nd

Bridger Bowl is home to another great event this weekend, the Pinhead Classic Tele Festival.  Open to everyone, head up to Bridger for the day and meet back at the Emerson for some more fun with music from The Kitchen Dwellers and Cure for the Common.  More info here...
Also, this year's theme is Nascar Tele-dega so be ready for a party!

Will Gadd and Ice Festivals

This years Bozeman Ice Festival competition winner weighs in on the growing popularity of Ice Fests and his favorites around the world.  Head over to Scarpa's blog for the article.

Vassilopoulos climbs M12/13 in Hyalite

Local Kyle Vassilopoulos claims the first ascent of House of Flying Daggers in the bingo cave, Hyalite Canyon.  Read the article on Rock and Ice.

  SW Montana Action Sequences

Local Photographer Pat Clayton shows off some shots from SW Montana over on TGR.  Bridger, Big Sky, Crazy Mountains, and more. Follow the link...

The Piolets d'Or

Look at the list of amazing alpine ascents up for consideration for the Piolet d'Or awards.  From Alaska to Patagonia, France to Pakistan, climbers were busy putting up new alpine routes all over the world.  Follow the link...

  Chasing Ice

The Bozeman Chronicle highlights Chasing Ice, a documentary about climate change that will be part of the Bozeman Film Festival March 7th.  Read the article here.

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The Linkup:February 21st

Walk On Water

When a skiing accident left Greg Mallory paralyzed from the waist down, he turned to whitewater kayaking to help him escape his wheelchair. Now he's an accomplished Class V whitewater paddler who finds strength, challenge and meaning in paddling rivers. This is his story. 

Bridger Gully Freeride-Saturday, Feb 23rd

Bridger Gully Freeride is this weekend.  Good luck to all the competitors!There are still a couple spots available if you want to give it a go against some of Bozeman's Best Skiers. Follow the link for details...

Veterans Expeditions Ice Climbing in Hyalite Canyon

Veterans Overcoming Barriers

Check out today's Chronicle Cover Story about Veteran's Expeditions who teamed up with Conrad and Whit this week in Hyalite Canyon.  Read the story here...

Friend's of East Rosebud Creek

Check out the Non-Profit's work to secure permanent protection for the Beartooth's East Rosebud Creek. One of the pristine areas of Southwest Montana, great Ice Climbing, Rock Climbing, Class IV-V Paddling, and access to the highest peaks in the state.

Nikki Kimball's Finding Traction

Bozeman Running Company put on a screening of Nikki Kimball's film Finding Traction a couple weeks ago and Outside Bozeman wrote about it on their website.  If you haven't seen it check out the trailer here.

Snow Kayak Racing

Some people put their paddling gear away for the winter.  These are not those people.  Check out the video from an event in Estonia.



A First Descent in the Tetons

Check out Outdoor Research's Article about skiing the Elevator Shaft.  A new line on the north face of Prospectors Mountain in Grand Teton National Park.

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Learn to Kayak

Learn to kayak with the folks at The Barn. This class will get you ready to hit the water when the snow melts. This introductory-level class teaches you everything you'll need to know to get started:  kayaking safety, paddle technique, gear selection, rolling and more. We provide almost everything you'll need. There are a limited number of spots, so please call us if you're interested or if you would like more information.

Danielle will be leading the class again this year and she can be reached at 585-2090 or at
"The more you know when you start this course the further we'll take you, and the less you know, the fewer bad habits you'll have to break -- which means your learning curve will be faster. Either way there's no-one too advanced for lessons because we teach strokes and rescues from a practical point of view, and the class size is kept small so we can challenge each student to their individual level.
Build confidence and self-reliance by learning the boat handling and safety skills needed to deal with the weather, waves, currents, and capsizes that are part of kayaking. This kayak lesson is no superficial introductory class --on-the-water instruction including learning to roll, bracing, edging, steering, turning and even forward strokes."


The Linkup:February 13th

Bozeman Sport Climbing Movie

Check out the trailer for the new Bozeman Sport Climbing Movie coming out next month.  Tune in for more info on the premiere and get excited for sport climbing this spring!

Sharma/Ondra Sport Climbing in Spain

Chris Sharma sent Stoking the Fire 5.15b, the same day Adam Ondra sent La Dura Dura 5.15c.  Check out these world class climbers who are crushing the toughest routes in the world. Then get motivated because winter won't last forever!

Smith River Deadline Feb 15th

Friday is the last day to submit an application for a Smith River permit for 2013.  59 miles of pristine river, excellent trout fishing, and amazing scenery. Click here for a link to the application.

New Trail on Dougherty Mountain

Outside Bozeman has a writeup about the possibility of a new trail on Dougherty Mountain north of Interstate 90.  It looks to be a great early/late season hiking and mountain biking trail that benefits from the rain shadow of the Continental Divide.  Check it out here...


La Sportiva Vertical K Review

As the snow seems to be unfortunately getting more and more scarce in some places, it might be time to have a look at what to wear for this new trail running season that is coming soon.
The Vertical K from La Sportiva are not new on the market, but they still are one of the best option to look into when it comes to super lightweight competitive trail running shoes. Read More...

Skiing the Gallatin Crest

A ski traverse of the Gallatin Crest is a long challenging objective.  Check out Forrest McCarthy's article about doing just that from 2011.  Read more here...



Mammut Athlete Whit Magro

Check out Bozeman's own Whit Magro's pictures from his trip to Patagonia this January.  Check it out on Mammut's blog.

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The Linkup:February 7th

Be Careful out there!

The GNFAC Youtube Channel highlights the instabilities in the backcountry.  Be careful and have the proper equipment.

Product Review:The Scarpa Boostic

Simply put this shoe crushes everything I have been able to throw at it so far; indoor, limestone, granite bouldering even a little crack climbing.  I have been very impressed with continue reading at
Aaron Mulkey on Defibrillator M8

Read about this new mixed line and check out some of the pictures from the South Fork on Aaron's blog Coldfear.  If you are thinking about a trip check out Winter Dance for information on Ice Climbs in both the Cody area and around Bozeman. 

Shovel Racing

Ice Climbing not your thing?  Check out Shovel Racing.  In case you didn't know the World Championships are at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico this weekend.  Read more...


Matt Sterbenz on Camber and Rocker

Check out this Explore Big Sky writeup by 4FRNT Owner Matt Sterbenz- 
"If you’re on the beat with what’s new and wonderful, then the topic of camber to rocker ratio has probably already reached you, and thus you’ve chosen a side (or compromise) for the style and conditions of skiing or riding you prefer. Rocker will have some permanent role in future ski design, or dare I say, technology." Read More...

The Grand Canyon of the Stikine

Kayaking some of the toughest whitewater on the Planet.  Check out Substantial T.V.'s episode full of raging whitewater, dub step, and other shenanigans.  Check out the Brown!



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