NBC Montana Talks to Mike Garcia

Sporting goods stores say spring weather is bringing in customers.
"As soon as we get some nice days and some good weather, which obviously we've had a lot of that coming into this spring, but its the spring thing we call it and people are looking to do anything and everything: rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, spring skiing, hiking, mountain biking," said owner of Northern Lights Trading Company, Mike Garcia.And while the retailers say this winter's weather brought weak sales, they're predicting warmer weather will set up a busy summer.
"No, you can't make up for a bad season, it just doesn't work because we only have x number of people here and that's why we live here. We don't have two million people down the road to sell to. But we all get the great reward of recreating here in this wonderful valley and this incredible area that we live in," said Garcia.
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