New Route Book

Calling all Southwest Montana climbers!

Have you put up any new routes lately?  Add them to the new route book located in the climbing gear section of Northern Lights.
One of the current entries.

New routes are going up every year and we would like to see the climbing community come together and showcase their collective hard work! Bear Canyon, Natural Bridge, Wolverine Basin, Gallatin Canyon, Frog Rock, and Morgan Cemetery are just a few of the places that have seen new routes put up.  If you put in the sweat, time, and money; stop in and write a short description, draw a picture, and describe whatever else you think is appropriate for people to know about your route.  

A new multi-pitch route on Frog Rock

A Continuum of the old Barrel Ice Book- "Dedicated to the Climbers past, present, and future and the spirit shared by all those who love the hills-to share your love for climbing is a gift-write down your events"  -Alex Lowe
Morgan Cemetery

In addition if you want to try some new routes, come in and check out the book.  New beta is being added all the time and this gives you a chance to explore new climbs and different crags. Hope to see you soon!
If you would like to contribute an entry but won't be able to stop by the shop feel free to send an email with your entry and we will get it into the book!

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