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Bridger Bowl closes out the month with a BOOM!

With 40+ inches to end the month we are excited for February here at Northern Lights.  Powder Skis are on sale and ready to go!

Bridger Moves Forward with New Lifts

 In other news Bridger is moving forward this offseason with replacing the current alpine lift with two new higher speed triple chair lifts.  Read more about it here.

Winter In Hyalite

Take 5 minutes and fill out the Hyalite Winter Use Study being conducted by Friends of Hyalite and Montana State University.  Follow the link here.

Climbing Season in Patagonia

Patagonia Ambassador Colin Hayley has a writeup on Patagonia's blog about his current trip down south.  Nothing like seeing beautiful pictures from the Southern Hemisphere to get you thinking about a summer trip to the Bugaboos or Cirque of the Towers!
EMPLOYEE FAVORITES: Bob Downs, The Hanging Gardens, Spanish Peaks, MT


Black Diamond Ski Journal

Black Diamond spotlights one of the classic backcountry ski lines in Southwest Montana, The Hanging Garden on Beehive Peak.

"I stood on top of the coveted Hanging Garden, on the north side of Beehive Peak in the Spanish Peaks of Montana, remembering the first time I had come up to ski this line. A steep, narrow and exposed shot, it is one of those ski descents that exemplifies the zone, and defines itself as a classic."
-BD Product Developer Bob Downs



Nyes' Ice- an enjoyable excursion 

"We ended up having goldy-lock conditions. The ice was fat and sticky, there was hardly any snow, the valley was beautiful, there was abundant wildlife, and the climbing was 100% type 1 fun.

The reason I'm talking this route up so much (it's only WI2 for all you radsters) is that it is the best route of the grade I have ever climbed- pure hippy holler glee!" -Loren Rausch

Read more about it here...

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