The Linkup:March 14th

Sun, warm weather, soft snow, and awesome outfits; for many people spring skiing is what it is all about.  Video from Big Sky Resort.

Bozeman Climbing Team

The Bozeman-Magpie writes about the Bozeman Climbing Team, from its inception in 1995 to today the Bozeman Climbing Team has been getting youth outdoors through rock climbing and competing on competitions across the Northwest.  Read more about it here...

Paddling out the Winter in Mexico

Substantial TV is out with their next episode, this time south of the Border in Mexico.  While we have fun crushing ice and slashing powder, these guys headed down to Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico to drop waterfalls and paddle whitewater.  Paddling season is right around the corner and 

Uphill Travel at Ski Resorts Gains Traction

Alpine Touring Equipment has been the biggest area of growth in the ski industry.  While there are more people then ever skiing the backcountry, ski resorts are responding to this by allowing uphill travel in-bounds.  By setting up a skin track many people are enjoying the relative comforts of a ski resort while touring. Check it out...

  Climb the Nose in a Day,

Some days you wake up feeling old, your joints hurt, your back is tight, and you feel the aches and pains from a day of skiing, paddling, or climbing.  The next time you feel old think of these guys, Jim Donini, 69, and George Lowe, 68, are planning on climbing the Nose in a day.  While these two are legends of climbing they are still out there climbing hard.  Read more here...

Channel that inner Dirtbag

Big Sky-March 16th.  While some people think every day is dirtbag day, those classy folks up in Big Sky devote one day to celebrate this phenomenon.  Break out the one piece suits or denim jackets, pull out your mullet wig, and ponder the most effective way to show off some ridiculous facial hair.  More info...

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