2013 Boat Swap at The Barn

Well, if NOAA is right, this may be the first Boat Swap in a looooong time where you won't need a dry suit just to shop the swap.

The 2013 Boat Swap is Saturday, May 4th this year and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day! 

Drop your boating product off from 7:30 - 9am on Saturday and shop from 9am - 4pm the same day.

This is the biggest boat swap in the region, with hundreds of kayaks, canoes, rafts, paddles, oars, boat clothing and accessories at swap prices.

Drop fees are $3 for items priced under $100 and $5 for items over $100. The Boat Swap takes a 5% commission for any sales over $100 and we use that money to fund river conservation projects in the region. Any abandoned equipment will be donated to Eagle Mount in Bozeman.

If you'd like more information please call The Barn at 586-6029.

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