The Linkup: November 14

While this recent warm spell has put a damper on an early start to actual skiing, it's done nothing to hold back ski film season.  Seems everywhere you look around town, there's yet another ski film premier.  And while we can't get enough of them, have you ever stopped to think about how these films effect the broader world of skiing? Today we bring you both a killer trailer and a blog post about how the proliferation of these  films might affect the greater ski community.  And to close it out, a quick reminder that our favorite holiday is right around the corner.  That's right, Ice Fest is coming soon. 

Way of Life, a film by Teton Gravity Research

For some it's a hobby, something to do on the weekends.  For others (a good portion of our local population), it's something more.  Snow defines their being.  They will go anywhere and sacrifice anything in pursuit of the perfect line.  This is their film.

Are ski movies killing skiing?

 Here's an interesting perspective on the proliferation of ski movies from the badass blog Bedrock and Paradox.  Occasionally controversial, never boring.  No watered down posts here, just the straight sh!# from a Montana outdoorsman. Written in the true spirit of Cactus Ed, this has been on my list of favorite blogs for some time.  Read more about "the continued immolation of the spectacular" here


Ice Fest is Back!!!

December 11-15, 2013

Back again for 2013, and this year is looking like the biggest ice fest yet.  This year's event is highlighted by the U.I.A.A. Open North American Ice Climbing Championships, hosted by Conrad Anker.  Saturday is the Lead Difficulty Competition, while Sunday brings the exciting Speed Climbing Championship.  A massive, three story climbing structure will be erected outside the Emerson for the events.  Serving as the event's "Urban Base Camp", this area will also feature food, family entertainment, and in-town clinics.  The highlight of the event is always the on-ice clinics for all levels in Hyalite.  There are still a few slots available, check them out and read more about the festival here.

Arc'teryx Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival - December 11-15, 2013 from Bozeman Ice Festival on Vimeo.

Northern Lights is once again a sponsor of the festival, and we have everything you need to get you on the ice.  Boots, clothing, gloves, and Southwestern Montana's best selection of ice climbing gear from the best in the business.  

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