The Linkup, December 13

Spire Winter Break Climbing Camps

Not sure how to keep your kids occupied over winter break?  Take them down to Spire, where over 8,000 square feet of roped walls and bouldering problems await them.  The crew at Spire will have them in shape and inspired to become lifelong climbers.  Courses are available for kids aged 5 to 16.  They'll learn the basics of climbing such as knot tying, belaying, rappelling, climbing etiquette, and climbing technique.  These classes are a perfect way to teach your kids strength, confidence, trust, and teamwork all in a supportive atmosphere surrounded by competent instructors.  And it's a blast.  They'll be begging to get outside to climb come spring.  Sure beats video games on the couch.  And it's not just for the kids; Spire has classes for all ages, including their awesome Women's Clinics.  Check out their website for class details and camp descriptions. 

Livingston Teen Tearing up Climbing Comps

Sixteen year old Park County High sophomore and  Bozeman Climbing Team member Frances Taylor has recently made the jump into the adult competitve ranks and is making some noise on the local circuit.  Read the full story over at the Livingston Enterprise

Skyrunning Comes to the U.S.

The International Skyrunning Federation has announced a new U.S. series of Ultra, Sky, and Vertical K races in the states for the first time in over ten years.  The biggest news for us is the inclusion of The Rut 50K, 12K, and Vertical K races as the series finale.  Montana ultrarunners Mike Foote and Mike Wolfe debuted the Rut last year and instantly put it on the radar of serious mountain runners.  With it's inclusion in the Skyrunning Series, look for it attract top runners from both the states and Europe.  Skyrunning has stormed the European scene, and is primed to return to America.  Read all about this and any other trail and ultra news over at I Run Far

Winter in Paradise Valley

While Bozeman is one of the great winter sports epicenters in the country, sometimes it can be difficult to find winter solitude close to town.  Looking for a quiet getaway?  Head over the hill to Paradise Valley, where winter crowds are virtually nonexistent.   For cross country skiers and snowshoers the options are endless.  Close to Livingston you can find yourself alone just about anytime on the Suce Creek, Big Creek, or Mill Creek trail systems.  On the latter, the only trail traffic will likely be sled dog teams operating out of nearby Chico Hot Springs.  Speaking of Chico, you'll want to end the day with a soak there no matter where you go.  For groomed tracks in a wildlife haven, head further south to the B-Bar Ranch, where 30 km of groomed trails await you.  Located in the remote reaches of Tom Miner Basin, this area is a sanctuary for elk, moose, wolves, bighorn sheep, and more.  For backcountry enthusiasts, the Absarokas provide challenging climbs and untracked powder on Elephanthead, Black Mountain, Mount Cowan, and Emigrant Peak.  The long approaches are more than worth the 3-5K descents you'll likely have all to yourself.   Ice climbers can get their fix on a lifetimes worth of routes in the Pine Creek drainage, which range from easy access climbs like Pine Creek Falls to deep wilderness adventures further up the South Fork.  Pick up Winter Dance by Joe Josephson for detailed route descriptions.  Think Hyalite has all the good ice?  Check this out.

Green Gulley (WI4/WI3 ), Pine Creek Montana from Ty Morrison-Heath on Vimeo.

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